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The Best Way to Learn Facebook Ads | The Early Days (S3E6)

Learning Facebook Ads, building an agency business, firing your clients and much more with Mojca Zove from Super Spicy Media

Mojca Žove is a Facebook ads expert and founder of Super Spicy Media - a digital marketing agency.

In our conversation with Mojca we talked about what it was like for her to start a digital agency business, the realisation that a full-time job is never 100% a sure thing, and the biggest obstacles to starting. As an expert Facebook advertiser, we asked Mojca to share how she learned Facebook Ads, the resources and methods that helped her master the craft, and how she deployed this channel when attracting clients for her agency. We also talked about email lists, webinars, balancing content creation and client work, burnout, firing clients, and much, much more.

As usual, below you can find all the topics we touched on, as well as all the tools and resources mentioned in the episode.

Topics we cover in this episode:
01:55 - Who is Mojca and starting Super Spicy Media
03:25 - Getting fired from a marketing agency
05:30 - Taking the leap to build her own business
06:30 - What was the biggest obstacle to starting earlier?
07:28 - Learning Facebook ads
08:37 - The best way to learn Facebook ads
11:33 - The biggest mistakes people do when starting with Facebook ads
13:07 - Learning to get clients
16:16 - The origin of the name "Super Spicy Media"
17:15 - Learning and doing outreach with cold emails
18:22 - Deploying Facebook ads to building a client list
19:42 - Working on retainer vs project-based projects
21:03 - Using content as a driver to earn new business
23:17 - Promoting content to drive awareness and grow an audience
25:11 - Building an email list
27:22 - How to host and promote a webinar
28:59 - Strategies for cleaning up and keeping your email list up-to-date
31:40 - Upcoming shifts in attention across social media and helping people online
34:48 - Balancing content creation and client work
37:14 - Sharing personal and professional content on Instagram Stories
38:18 - Firing clients and choosing what to work on
41:33 - How to deal with burnout and take a break
43:30 - Building an online course
46:40 - Future plans and projects
47:47 - Links and resources

Useful Resources and Links:
Say hi to Mojca - https://twitter.com/mojcamars
Check out Super Spicy Media - https://superspicymedia.com
Take a look at Mojca's course "The Science of Facebook Ads" - https://thescienceoffacebookads.com
Facebook Newsroom - stay up to date with everything new from Facebook
Facebook Ad Manager - The central hub to manage all your campaigns
Facebook Pixel - The Facebook tracking script you need to implement on your site right now - https://www.facebook.com/business/hel...
Facebook Live - https://live.fb.com/
Facebook Groups - https://www.facebook.com/groups/
Jon Loomer - Facebook advertising advise and tutorials - https://johloomer.com
Crowdcast - seminar and video sharing software - https://www.crowdcast.io/

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