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How to create content at scale | The Early Days by DULO (S3E2)

How to create content at scale with limited resources? Discussing clever content creation models with Kareem Mostafa of Tribetactics.

Kareem Mostafa (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kmostafa) is the co-founder of Tribetactics (https://www.tribetactics.com) - a bootstrapped content creation company which helps businesses maximise their efforts in producing compelling content across a wide range of media and platforms.

Naturally, our conversation gravitated towards the importance and value of having a solid content production and distribution processes. We went behind the scenes of how Kareem and his brother, with whom he co-founded Tribetactics, work to deliver valuable and contextually-relevant content to their clients. Furthermore, we touched on how one big piece of content can turn into multiple smaller pieces that can fuel your content plan for a month. We also talked about the importance of speed over perfection, financing the business, managing client expectations, business lessons from hip hop and much more.

As usual, you can find a bunch of resources mentioned in this episode with links below, as well as the main topics we covered in the episode.

When we asked Kareem if he had a question for you, he came up with this ask instead: “Create daily documentaries!”

Topics we cover in this episode:

01:36 - Who is Kareem and what is Tribetactics
02:30 - How the Tribetactics content machine works
03:20 - What is the GaryVee content model
05:18 - Behind the scenes of the Tribetactics process
06:35 - How to know when it's time to do something fresh
07:30 - How Kareem and his brother decided to work full-time on Tribetactics
10:07 - Managing and setting client expectations
12:55 - Breaking down the asset delivery process
13:55 - Working with clients overseas
16:12 - Working with a co-founder who is also a family member
17:27 - Thoughts on funding and bootstrapping the business
20:18 - The biggest lesson Kareem learned since starting Tribetactics
21:23 - What's the biggest challenge Kareem is having at the moment
25:06 - Speed vs Perfection
27:50 - Deploying the content model to market the business
30:02 - How Tribetactics attract their customers
34:35 - Business lessons from hip hop
36:25 - Plans for the next 6-12 months
37:48 - Ask of the day from Kareem "Create daily documentaries!"

Useful Resources and Links:

Connect with Kareem - https://www.linkedin.com/in/kmostafa
Check out Tribetactics - https://tribetactics.com
Gary Vaynerchuk - https://garyvaynerchuk.com
Vaynermedia - https://vaynermedia.com
The GaryVee Content Model - https://www.slideshare.net/vaynerchuk...
Slack - https://slack.com/
Frame.io - https://frame.io/
Kareem’s article on creating episodic content - https://www.tribetactics.com/blog/the...
"Oversubscribed" by Daniel Priestly - https://www.amazon.com/Oversubscribed...
Kanye West's ‘ye’ album changes - https://www.nme.com/news/music/kanye-...
Reid Hoffman - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reid_Ho...

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